Monday, June 18, 2012

My favorite one liner from the week

Last week was crazy, crazy.  We went to watch one of D's soccer boys play in the Nebraska Shrine Soccer game and then drove up to my mom's for a few days.  We left the kids with her from Tuesday until Saturday while we purged and held a moving sale.  Our new house is a manufactured house that was built in a factory. It was delivered to the site via a truck on Thursday so we ran to the lot Thursday morning to watch them bring it in, then hurried home to do a late afternoon garage sale.  We also got an unexpected call from our former realtor saying that even though our house was not on the market, would we like to show it on Saturday?  So Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were full of sweat and a lot of grunt work as we moved items out of the house to sell and then hurried to rearrange, clean, and pick up from the sale.  When we picked the kids up on Saturday, D and I spent a lot of time chuckling at the two of them and the funny things they say.  (Apparently a few days break re invigorated my sense of humor.)  I didn't get them all written down but there were just lots of funnies.  That said, I think this last line takes the cake:

"Okay...when I throw you up in the air, you flap your wings."

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