Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The First Big Move

Before the move...
All the rooms were painted and all the trim was up.  This photo is the master bedroom.
The house was wired and plumbed but no fixtures put in.
Kitchen space with penny tile and grey black laminate countertops-
if you have seen my current kitchen which has 2 feet of counter space and about 4 cabinets,
you know that I am terribly excited to have so much counter space and cabinet space

Office which is right next to the kitchen on the side of the dining space

Basement-the walls are all premade and have to be inside the basement before they put the house on the foundation

The Move...
All loaded up and coming down the street.  The wheels underneath are adjustable and someone actually stands under the house while the house is being moved to work a wrench or ratchet that adjusts the wheels to fit into tight spaces.
The truck went south down the street, then turned across our neighbor's alfalfa field and went east before  stopping and then backing the truck up so the house was parallel to the foundation.
The house was then lifted via hydraulics and slid onto the foundation.

The second portion of the house-Kenson and Conleigh's bedrooms plus part of the foyer and and front door.
This part will be attached later.  The front porch, garage, and rear covered patio also have to be built yet.

The second big move ie the one where we move all of our stuff has yet to be determined.  I'm guessing it will be 3-4 weeks from now but that all depends on how fast things get finished and when the inspections are done.

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