Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just What We Needed

Today, we had a family reunion type luncheon.  It's on my side with some fairly distant and far flung cousins, great aunts, and great uncles, most of whom my kids do not know.  We spent about 15 minutes of our time being entertained by an older man who was missing 3 fingers.  He introduced himself to my kids by showing off his hand that had only 2 fingers and saying "Hi.  I'm Bugs Bunny."  He then joked around quite a bit about his missing fingers and let my kids interact with his hand.  It was good for my kids to see someone with a visible difference, to see him laughing about it, to see that it didn't hurt, to see him use his two fingers to hold a cup and a bag.  In some ways, I think it was something my kids needed in preparation for Zeke.

He also inadvertently provided another dose of "just what we need" when he answer a question about how he lost his fingers.  Without knowing anything about my dear daughter, he replied that he used to suck his thumb, and then moved onto his finger, but decided to stop once he had only two fingers left.  Those of you who know my daughter know that she does love her thumb...

In all seriousness, I'm not that worried about her thumb but I thought it was so funny that that was the answer he gave.

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Lisa said...

How awesome to see how well he does without many fingers! And we need a story like that for our little thumb-sucker... although she might shed a few fearful tears if she heard that.