Monday, February 6, 2012

Spirituality...with a 5 year old

Oh my little girl!  She is always thinking, perceptive and always ready to state what's on her mind.  This morning, as she was getting ready for preschool, there was some sassy behavior when an adult gave her directions.  I asked her what God thought about that and got no response.  (Other than the mean eyes and crossed arms.)  Since they were supposed to be heading out the door, I asked her if she should pray about her attitude and then prayed a quick prayer outloud regarding having a good attitude.  (More hard eyes and crossed arms but add in a pouty lip.)  I then told her not to worry about it, that I would pray for her while she was gone.  (And then I danced around and sang a silly song with the words "I'm going to pray for you...please don't smile."  Which worked wonders and produced a smile.)  Anyhoo, fast forward to this afternoon and a bit more sassiness.  I told Conleigh how I had asked God for a Bible verse to help with her attitude and asked if she wanted to hear it.  Her response?  A slightly know it all reply of "I know what God told you-I am fussy to all."  There you go.  The gospel according to Conleigh.  "I am fussy to all."

Later tonight, I was taking a bath in our cast iron clawfoot tub when in popped Conleigh.  I had just lowered myself in and leaned back against the cold metal.  As I grimmaced, Conleigh asked what was wrong.  I relayed how the metal was cold and asked if she had ever noticed that when she got in the tub.  "Nope, " she said.  "Jesus comes in and makes my tub warm."  So a big shout out for the Big Guy; His love is especially moving when it heats up your bathtub.

Love this goofy little character, the girl of a thousand faces!

No, she is not just vegging out.  This is her "I'm too cool" look.


Wordy girl said...

So funny! Reminds me of the time V. told me Jesus was going to come back through the faucet in our bath tub. It was right before Christmas, and during bath time she kept looking up in the faucet and telling me that Jesus was in there.

Kathy C. said...

adorable pictures