Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drumroll (and pictures!) please...

I was originally holding off of posting any photos of Zeke because I thought I read somewhere that you had to be so far along in the process before you could post any photos online.  Then my friend, Hilary, who is adopting through the same agency asked and found that not to be true.  So without any further ado, a few photos of Ezekiel.

This was one of the pictures that was featured on the waiting child website that he was on.  I don't know what date it was taken.
These four are what we received when asked for an update as we were reviewing his file so I believe these are from December 2011.  The people who took the photos were really wanting to show us how well he could use his hands.  And yes that bowl hair cut looks almost painful.


Kathy C. said...

He's adorable. Jasmine has syndactly of her hands and feet.

Matt's Lazy Housewife said...

Oh my word, he is gorgeous. And I love that you mentioned his bowl cut--hahahaha! He is truly such a gorgeous little boy, though. So excited for you guys! :D