Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conleigh is 5!

After weeks of agony, the girl is finally 5.  (And I'm about ten days late with this post so between her incessant questioning regarding her birthday, the month of February, her party, and cake and my lack of posting, her birthday has now taken up a good 2 months of mental energy.)  This year she was very aware of January ending and February coming which in her mind meant birthday.  (And which could not get here fast enough!)

Her wishes this year were:   pink cowboy boots, waffles for supper, and a princess cake.  It was a little tricky this year as we had her family party the weekend after her birthday so on her actual birthday, there was no cake, just waffles with candles and a gift from us.  (On a personal note, I survived my first venture into making fondant and decorating a cake with said fondant.)  Enjoy the pics!

Take One

Take 5

Take 46...not really but honestly!

pink boots

Waffles for supper

Fish faces with crazy cousin Aunt Sissy Grannypants

New chef hat and apron

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