Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin and Apple Time

Last weekend, we headed to one of our favorite fall spots:  Martin's Hillside Orchard.  It's a perfect, smallish place that features apples, raspberries, and pumpkins.  I love that I can get apples for $1 a pound.  I love that they have about 15 varieties including my beloved Honeycrip.  I love that it's more about homespun, simple fun than a big fancy production.  From picking your produce to the corn maze to the straw tower and pedal tractors, it is just simple but fun.  My kids delighted at running through the corn maze in a game of hide and seek with a partner, then tip toeing to a hiding spot and trying to contain their giggles while they waited for the other grown up/child pair to find them.  And they had slushies!  Apple cider and raspberry lemonade flavored ones.  Quite delicious.  


Kathy C. said...

Really nice pictures.

Nattie said...

Super Cute pictures of the kids, looks like they are having a great time!!!