Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I've Been Reading

Just got two new books in the mail today.  New books on my counter are like a bell and Pavlov's dog.

At the suggestion of my friend, Rebekah, I'm checking out yet another parenting book.  Perhaps this one will have the magic pill that makes it all easy...  And because I've heard good things about this book and truly think I've been in need of refocusing on gratitude, the second one is on my list for my quiet times.  

I've also been following a long with the Hendricks' blog and the series they have posted on poverty.  This week, they are tackling the topic of how our shopping habits influence the lives of others around the world.  I appreciate that they don't necessarily have the answers.  Oversimplifying complex problems results in ideological thinking that doesn't allow for exceptions or flexibility.  And it often doesn't examine every angle.

Would I love to buy products that are made by people who are paid a fair wage and treated respectfully?  Of course.  But would eliminating sweatshop type labor mean that those workers who now make a meager wage would trade that meager sweatshop wage for no wage?

Love the thoughts expressed including "I would like to say this post will wrap up with something nice and tidy to say.  The truth is, nothing has felt nice and tidy in our souls ever again when it comes to the topic of buying products from the store.  For many months, as we continued to read about the conditions in which a lot of laborers work, and the way they are treated, we were kind of in a daze.  We knew there were lots of things we did not "need" to be buying. How do we wean ourselves off of this world, and our constant desire for more, more, more?  How do we shop in a way that considers and honors the people behind our products?  Where should we shop when we do actually need something?  How often do we choose "cheap" and "convenient" even when we are pretty sure our need for "cheap" and "convenient" means someone...somewhere suffers for our decisions we are making?  We did not know where to start, but we did know...we don't want to be involved with oppressing the laborer.  We want to use the money God has given us to give to the poor like God commands, not cheat them of their hard-earned wages (something that God gives stern warnings about in the Bible)."

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