Friday, March 26, 2010

Locs, month 7

We are now on month 7 of locs. I would say they are really pretty much completely grown together, except for the ones around his face. Those on the hairline are made up of finer hair that just seems to want to come undone more. Our routine is really simple now. I cowash with Aubrey Organics conditioner once every 3-5 days. I spray it with water in the morning or Taliah Wajiid's bodifying mist and then top that off with some coconut oil. Sometimes I do that at night too. I've stopped using the shea butter moisturizer just because it's so heavy. From what I've read, locs can accumulate product build up since they are so dense. So I've switched over to clearer, less heavy products with the exception of my conditioner. I've been retwisting/tightening it about every 5-6 weeks now. That takes about 1 1/2 hours to do. In the first picture below, if you look along his hair line, you can see the new growth and how it is not locked. This is before I retwisted it. The second picture is just a shot of the back after I retwisted it. It's really getting long. Over 4 inches in some places. We just got our first compliment on them from a black man. He was working at Mcdonald's and wanted to know who did the hair. It was quite fun to say "I did" and watch him be surprised.


Miss Alissa said...

I'm impressed by your crazy, mad skills:)

God's Grace said...

I want to loc Ashers hair, how did you learn? where can I get info and picture on how to do it? and what type of aubrey conditioner do you use...sorry about the questions