Monday, September 7, 2009

Mini Preschool

To help keep myself sane by having some activities planned through out the week and to give Kenson some more structured activities, we're doing mini preschool at our house a few days a week for an hour or so. Usually less than than that but I kind of have an hour blocked out for it.

We're starting out with all about Kenson activities. I'm especially focusing on recognizing and forming the letter K (not necessarily with a pencil just knowing that it has three lines and how the lines go together) and recognizing his name. We're also going to do some fine motor skills work with holding pencils, crayons, and scissors.
Last week, we did two activities:

For the first one, we made some K's using pre-cut strips of paper and then glued them onto scrapbook paper which I folded to make into cute little cards. I did go around the outside of the letter with marker so it was a bit clearer. Now we'll have to decide who to write.

The second (and sort of third) activity was to create a magic lines painting by using masking tape to write Kenson name on a blank sheet of paper. We then colored over it with homemade fingerpaints. (The homemade fingerpaints kind of counts as another activity.) When you pull up the masking tape, the negative space spells his name. I didn't have freezer paper and just used cardstock so my masking tape stuck a bit but it still worked pretty well.


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Great projects!

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Adorable! I am definitely going to try those.