Thursday, October 13, 2016

In Need of Accessories

Can I tell you that this kid below cracks me up?  Yesterday, for no apparent reason, he decided he needed to wear winter hats.  All day long.  He probably tried on ten different hats and ten different pairs of gloves throughout the day.
This is the hat that started things off.
Yes, he's wearing it sideways which is part of why I took the picture to start with.
I think he liked wearing it sideways since he could pull the flap down and mutter under his breath, "Turn the light on!"

Then we moved on to the shark hat which was appropriate since we were making Play-Doh sea creatures.

After nap, we swapped things out for the frog hat.
No need for pants when you've got a frog hat.

And this is how we went to pick up Zeke from school.
I told him I had to grab my purse and we'd be ready to go.
He ran off, yelled, "Me too!" and this is what I found.

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Miss Alissa said...

Hehe, they are growing so fast. I totally forgot Zeke is in school now and pictured him as I began reading. Your baby is so big :)