Sunday, October 9, 2016

Grown Up Girlie

My mom is making a big move and with it has come a lot of cleaning.  That has included a lot of dusty memories making their way out of storage including my prom dresses and several of the dresses I sewed for 4-H.  My mom also has a few of her items like that as well so Conleigh took full advantage of them being out to do some trying on.
I sewed this pink lace dress for 4-H my junior year of high school.  

I think this hot pink jacket and sleeveless dress were my freshman year project for 4-H.

This was my senior year prom dress.
I loved this dress and still do.
It is off the shoulder with a very short, flowing chiffon train.
Looking at it 20 years later, I think it's actually kept its wearability pretty well.

Fuschia velvet with lace cap sleeves, sewed by either my grandma or my mom, for my mom.
It pretty much fit Conleigh.
I think Grandma is going to make some alterations so it could really be worn.

This is my mom's pink lace formal from high school.
I think my mom was shocked to see how close it was to actually fitting Conleigh.
Again, with some alternations from Grandma, Conleigh could have a great dress.