Friday, July 8, 2016

Fourth Fun

July has seemed to be the time when D's brother and his wife trek this way from Idaho.  So what better way to spend the 4th than with D's family?

We decided we would camp in Grandpa's yard the night we stayed there.
So we had to do a dry run in our own backyard prior to travel.
The three big kids all stayed outside, all night by themselves.

Kai, around 11, on the night of the big fireworks show.
He was not terrified, although this photo does kind of look that way.
Mostly just tired with the occasional hands over his ears.

McDonald's picnic post fireworks in the tent in Grandpa's yard

We headed over to D's uncle's house the next day.
"Get your game face on" because ladderball is serious business.

I think this is Larry's game face...

Terrible photo but not sure of who many we have of them together so it's worth sharing.

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Sheri Wiebe said...

Oh, fun....sleeping in tent with McDonalds food! We went to the neighbors the 4th for Disc Tacos. Yummy and fun!