Sunday, July 3, 2016

Catching Up

Right after school got out, we headed to Kansas City for a few days.  We specifically had about zero plans other than going to Great Wolf Lodge to swim.  We ended up swimming a lot, going to the Lego Museum, eating out lots, and doing some window shopping at the outlet mall.

TV watching on the bed

Hanging out at the fountain at the outlet mall

Measuring Kai in Legos

Zeke as Ninjago

KC's soccer stadium all done in legos

Dad and Zeke racing the lego cars the built

Lego scuba idea why Zeke is touching Kai's head.

Fritz's...a total dive of a restaurant

Order your food diner style through the phone then wait as a train delivers your meal to the station above your table.
Have to say the patty melt and fries were pretty good.

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