Thursday, August 6, 2015

Planned Irony

I rarely insert myself into online conversations regarding complex and divisive topics like abortion.  In general, I don't think an online debate is a productive way to approach such things.   But the Planned Parenthood videos and subsequent conversations have perhaps persuaded me to broach the topic here.

I understand the arguments put forth by those who support a woman's right to choose.  I understand the concerns about the viability of the infant, of how to determine when life begins.  I understand that many who consider themselves pro choice are adamantly against abortion but believe it is not right to force others to view things the same way.  I do not suffer from a lack of understanding what others believe.

That said, perhaps the reason the Planned Parenthood videos are so shocking is because of the callousness with which the employees act regarding a dismembered child.  A conversation where someone admits that they can navigate the procedure in such a way that organs are intact but a skull is crushed should shock us.

For me, abortions performed later in pregnancy, are a completely different story than those performed early in pregnancy.  There is such irony in the idea of a later term abortion.  I find the idea that a baby/fetus who is not human yet is considered a source for human organs and tissue problematic.  Regardless of if Planned Parenthood received any monetary reimbursement, it is clear that fetal tissue and organs are a commodity, to be used to research human medical conditions.  

Perhaps the most pressing reason for me wanting to discuss the irony of the current climate involving abortions has more to do with sharing perspective rather than arguing viewpoints.  Because my perspective as the mom of a child with limb differences will forever alter my views on abortion.  Because of Zeke's limb differences, I am a member of several online forums for parents who have children with limb differences.  Many of those parents were made aware of their child's limb difference via an ultrasound.  And many of those same parents were immediately offered the option of abortion.  That to me was shocking.  Because Zeke is adopted, I had never considered that someone would be given that option because their child was missing a limb and I had never considered that there would be parents who would use abortion in this way.  The irony of selling (or at the very least donating) the body parts of a child who was potentially rejected for a lack of body parts is not lost on me.  

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