Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Kenson is nine.  It's an age I really like.

An array of stuffed animals arranged on the floor for a football game, long lanky arms and legs folded up to fit into my lap as we rock-I'm keenly aware that these things will not last forever.  How much longer will they last?

Moments that alternate between little boy and a maturing big kid.  Between those moments I catch glimpses if the grown up he is going to be.  Quick to smile and warm up the room.  A gentle heart that swoons for little ones, who understands how to talk to babies and pacify toddlers.    Testing out a sense of humor.  Looking for jobs to practice using a screwdriver and a hammer.  

This year's wishes?  A Lego cake, decorated himself.  A trip to the children's museum not with friends but with his siblings.  A remote controlled helicopter.  Happy year nine!

Kai and Kenson on the "yee haw" at the children's museum.
No idea why Kai calls horses that but it's kind of funny.

Children's Museum-Conleigh on the stage

On the stage while Zeke and Kenson run the lights and sound

Children's museum rocket ship

Kenson with his Lego cakes

The birthday helicopter

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