Thursday, April 23, 2015

Box Fun

Boxes, boxes, boxes...can't say there is any better form of free entertainment.

Crayons on the cement-always a good sign.

Zeke and Kenson worked on the same box.

Kenson wanted to make a firetruck.  He was inside the box and kept writing his letters upside down.

Buttons for stop and fire (not exactly sure what the button for fire does)  I also let my children use steak knives to cut their boxes.  It was a bit of a numbing experience but we all have the fingers and toes that we were born with.

Conleigh made a book

Everyone needs a cardboard costume.  He actually ended up adding to this with a paper helmet and cardboard breastplate.

Zeke did this all by himself.  He took the box apart, made the shape of the mask and the paper band for the mask and then I cut the eyeholes and helped taped the mast to the band.

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