Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zeke is 4!

Zeke turned 4 at the end of July.  I'm only slightly behind.  In fact, I still find myself telling people that I have a 3 year old when I really don't.  His birthday wishes were 1.  a visit to our local children's zoo so he could pick out stuffed animal (When we visited on another time, he was so excited to see several varieties of stuffed sharks, rays, and even an octopus.  After much deliberation, on his birthday trip, he opted for the octopus.)  2.  Birthday hats and 3.  Shark and crab cupcakes
Quick pic of all 3 at the zoo

Zeke with his new octopus friend

Hanging out with our family in Grandma's yard

Kenson actually was going to help me with these once we got to Grandma's since he had made a sample of each one as a 4-H project for the county fair but once he got there, it was way more fun to play.


The Salt Lake City and Berwyn cousins

Uncle Jared thought we needed a pinata

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Kathy C. said...

Happy birthday (a little late)!