Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day

The big kids headed back to school today.  Off to second grade, to conquer the world!  They have two partial days today and tomorrow before having a full day on Wednesday.

I love that Conleigh is a sparkly delight and that Kenson is wearing a faded tee shirt, an old pair of our friend, Clayton's, shorts and bright green socks which match nothing.  They enjoyed their days.  Conleigh is very excited about their new reading teacher, Mr. Hazard.  She especially likes that he smells good, "like Papa."  (Yes, she is a bit quirky.  Foods and smells...they both matter a lot to her.)

As for me, if you're wondering how my morning went when the children were pared down to a mere two, I'll set the tone for the last two weeks by telling you that my kids have not been able to get along to save their lives.  In fact, last week,after a morning of playing well together, Conleigh actually said, "We didn't even fight at all today.  Maybe Jesus worked a miracle."  Perhaps she was not so wrong.

That and yesterday when we were discussing the first day, Conleigh wanted to know what I was going to do all day today since all the drama would be gone.  I am not sure why she clued in on the word drama.  Anyway, yes, dear, let me ponder how lost I will be without the drama for a moment.  For the record, I did a load of laundry and a load of dishes.  I actually swept the kitchen floor.  I had breakfast and got out of my pajamas.  (Which should be seen as a major task for any mom.)  I enjoyed a home visit from Zeke's preschool teacher.  I took Zeke and Kai on a 30 minute walk.  I cooked and froze tomatoes.  I called the hospital.  I called to get estimates on fixing the hail damage on our siding.  I called the cable company to discuss adding a phone line and getting a better price since we have all of services with them.  (And spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with them getting nothing accomplished.)  Yes, somehow I managed to find something to replace the drama.

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