Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Honey Flavored Kisses and Other Misunderstandings

We went to Runza today for an ice cream snack. There was a little country music playing on the Runza sound system, specifically Beer Money by Kip Moore. In case you've never heard it, the lyrics include "You've got a kiss that tastes like honey and I've got a little beer money." Conleigh heard this and wanted to know why he was singing about kids that taste like honey. I explained that the words were "a kiss that tastes like honey" and the song was about boyfriends and girlfriends, that the singer was saying he liked his girlfriend's kisses because they were sweet like honey. (Cue the eye rolling and gagging from the two older ones.) I probably should have told them it was about husbands and wives but I missed that chance to fight the culture of teenage PDA's. Then Derek chimed in and asked Kenson if his kisses tasted like honey. Kenson answered as honestly as he could. "Nope, they just taste like spit." Ah, the truth. But probably not the makings of any hit song.

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