Monday, July 7, 2014

Conleigh's New Do-Shoe Lace Tied Bun

Conleigh's hair is finally getting enough length on it to do some of the fun updo type styles that I've been dreaming of.  Up until recently, I would say amazing loc styles and be dreaming about being able to do them on Conleigh's hair.  I had tried a few things but her hair was too short or I wasn't sure how to get the locs to stay put.  Regular old bobby pins and ponytail holders really don't cut it with locs.  (In fact, if Conleigh wants one giant ponytail, I use an elastic headband to hold it instead of a ponytail holder because her hair is just that thick.)  I've finally had the time to do a little research and had a huge aha moment.  So many loc styles use hair tying to secure the hair.  It's just what it sounds.  You actually tie the hair to itself.  Anyway, using this hair style from Chescaleigh for inspiration,
we did a modified shoe lace bun.  Conleigh's hair isn't quite long enough to do all of her hair up.  But we could definitely do the front section up.  It's a simple concept:  pull the hair up into a ponytail, then using two sections, tie the hair just like a shoe string, creating loops of hair.  Conleigh's exact words when she say it were, "I thought this might be ugly.  But it's pretty.  And really cool!"  (Thanks for the vote of confidence, dear.)

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