Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas and...

Zeke has conveniently confused Santa with the Grinch, asking not once but twice about someone coming to take our stockings and our tree.  (Oddly enough, the thought of someone doing that didn't seem to bother him.)

After about 30 minutes in bed, he wandered out into the living room to ask D, "Can we play fooseball?"  (D couldn't figure out what he was talking about so Zeke then demonstrated flipping the handles with his hands and kept asking "Fooseball?  You?  Me?  Can we play fooseball now?")

Conleigh has fallen out of bed once...while awake because she is so excited she can't keep her body in the bed.

She has also looked at the alarm clock we placed in the hall (to keep the kids contained until at least 6:30) and told us the time every time we happen to walk by her room.

And Kenson, well, he's actually asleep.

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