Wednesday, April 10, 2013


For Easter, we took a quick trip to my mom's.  We visited my friend, Laura, where Zeke terrorized her chickens and cats.  And then it was on to Mom's.  Where Zeke continued his habit of wreaking havoc with the small animals.  For Easter day, we went to church and ate lunch and supper with my aunt and uncle before heading home.

Aunt Sheree rescuing David, the turtle, from Zeke's havoc.  At Thanksgiving, it was Zeke and Sienna throwing toys into the turtle container.  This go round, no Sienna and Quinn though he was being clever by putting a screen over the enclosure.  Somehow, though, David managed to get an extra helping of meal worms.

Checking for candy or "bunny", also known as money.  Zeke had a great time so we thought he might like to hunt for more eggs.  We took the empty eggs and put a few of them out again, but once he realized there was nothing in them, he would just throw them down disgustedly.

Zeke and Grandma 2

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