Monday, September 24, 2012

What We Need

With less than two weeks until we leave for China, we have had several people ask what we need for Zeke.  Aside from a fee practical things like diapers and a mattress pad and socks, what we need most is some mental rest.  I cannot tell you all the dopey things I've done this last week.  From walking away from a running sink faucet (and leaving to to run for 10 minutes) to entering rooms and having to think way too hard about what I was doing in that room, my brain has been ping ponging all over the place.  I have two kids who I am leaving for two weeks, two grown ups who need to make sure that all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted on documents and travel plans, a new toddler to safeguard the house from, a dog to keep from starving to death and a newly sodded backyard to maintain.   I know D has been feeling the stress as he has had some not so nice headaches and a really icky canker sore.  He also has the last paper of his college career to write (a lovely 40 page affair) and he needs to get it done before we leave.  I didn't realize how much I had been feeling the stress until I sat in church on Sunday and had the opportunity to soak in the restfulness that worship often brings.   Realistically, what we could use most is some prayer.

For Kenson and Conleigh, who will be staying with my mom, my aunt, and a friend.  Two weeks seems like a long time to leave them.  I am especially concerned about Conleigh not sleeping well.

For Zeke, whose world will be completely upside down in a few short days.  Pray for his heart to grieve (so hard to watch but such a necessary part), for him to feel safe, for him to stay healthy, for him to adapt and adjust to our family and our life.

For us, as we head off on a long journey to a foreign land, for our sleep deprivation, our hearts that will miss Kenson and Conleigh, and our actions as we love a new child.  For D, as he finishes his paper.  For me, as I organize this grand adventure.  For our finances as we are already about $1500 over where I hoped we would be.

Know we also hope you will offer up a prayer of thanksgiving with us as well.  For friends who go the extra mile.  For family who are flexible and determined to show us love.  For D's job offering him adoption leave.  For being able to have an experience that others dream of.  For God saying to us, "Go.  Do the right thing." and giving us the chance to go.


Kathy C. said...

I hope all goes smoothly for you.

daciab said...

Prayers going up for you!