Thursday, August 30, 2012

Princess Conleigh

I wish I could bottle Conleigh's attitude and put it online.  The little girl whose update photos from the orphanage came with the memo "Princess Conleigh" is certainly full of it.  Spunk, sass, hutzpa, whatever you want to call it...  I'm not always sure how to deal with it because a lot of the time it's not meant as disrespect.  (Although there are definitely times where it is and we have to nip that in the bud.  I am certainly not one who thinks it is cute when kids are called princesses and really they are just bratty, rude, and contempteous.) 

Yesterday, she was relaying to me the plans she had made with her friend, Nick, regarding school lunch.  "Nick and I decided on Friday we were going to match.  I need to bring an apple, watermelon, a peanut butter sandwich and carrots."  "Hmmm...I don't think we have any carrots, " I replied.  "Well," she told me, "I just expect it!"  (Actually what she said was "I just respect it" but after doing a close mouthed chuckle, I asked if she meant expect which was what she did mean.)

She also had art class with her papa yesterday and was aghast to learn that the rules he sets forth for the entire class actually apply to her too.  After being told to draw 5 lines, she drew way too many.  D stopped by her workspace, asked her about the directions, and was quickly told, "But Papa!  You're my Papa!"

You will also all be pleased to know that she and Nick are still getting married but after a quick discussion on the playground after school on Tuesday, they will not be living in Africa or Florida.  Nick doesn't want to move; he wants to stay here.  And live on a farm.  So he can have a horse.

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