Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kenson is a few of my favorite cake decorating recipes

We're a few days late but Kenson turned 6 on the 6th! A golden birthday and I didn't even realize it.  We had a small party with Grandma, Grandpa Dave and Grandma Joann, Grandma 2 and our family and then invited a small group of friends over for a playdate with a pinata.  His wishes included a Husker jersey cake (which actually started in Kenson's mind as a Husker stadium cake but I talked him out of that one), a toy ambulance, and a pinata. 

I used my all time favorite birthday cake recipe, Sour Cream Almond Wedding cake.  It starts with a boxed mix but tastes nothing like a boxed mix.  It's also a nice, dense cake which makes it great for carving.  And I've made it with oodles of variations by adding in extracts, fruit juice, and different frostings.  Definitely worth sharing.  I also did fondant again for the stripes and number.  I used a marshmallow fondant recipe I've used before and it always seems to turn out well.  (I did have red fingers for a day or two from kneading in the food coloring paste but I knew that was highly possible since I didn't use gloves.)  Last, I love the mini footballs my mom hand cut out of brownies.  So easy to add icing laces.

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