Friday, July 27, 2012

Zeke Update

No news on moving along to the next step in the process but I did ask for an update and asked the foster family/orphanage to answer some questions for me in preparation for bringing Zeke home within the next few months. 

 Here's the break down of some of the  information we received: 

 Measurements for clothing and shoes? 
 Height 90cm 
 Weight 16.5kg 
 Foot length 14cm 
I have no idea if this is accurate. On an American growth chart that would put him over the 90th percentile for both height and weight which makes me skeptical but who knows. 16.5 kg is the equivalent of 36 pounds.  I guess we'll go with it.

 Favorite foods? 
Grape,banana and candy. No wasabi peas, no congee (although I'm guessing he eats that regularly.) 

 Favorite toys? 
 Car and plane. 

 What name is the foster family currently calling him? Fu Kang or a nickname? 
They call him 'Kang Kang'. I did ask the group sending the package/asking the questions to share that we will be calling him Zeke. I expect that he will be used to hearing Kang Kang when we arrive but maybe the foster family will work to help him learn his new name too. 

 Is there any other information that his foster family would like us to know? Are there things that might make it easier for him as he gets used to the changes of coming to the US? Any stories they want to tell us about him? Any thing they hope he will know about his time in China that we can write down and keep for him? 
Fukang is a quick learner. He could eat and drink by himself. He is active. He likes being hold and going outside. 

 We were also told that "Fukang is getting to know your family by the photo album,he asks the foster mother to show him the pictures every day, sometimes he kisses the picture of Mom and Dad." This completely cracks me up as I'm not sure how truthful it really is. My guess is that statement is more about the Asian cultural practices of telling you what the other person thinks you want to hear. D and I both got a good chuckle out of, saying that maybe he will just come running to us, arms wide open, calling us mom and dad and blowing us kisses. (If you've ever adopted a toddler, you know why that's chuckle worthy...)

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