Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nothing Definite

Playing the waiting game around here...

Still waiting to hear on a definite move in date on the new house.  The carpet is scheduled to be installed on the 30th, and that is supposed to be one of the last things.  The teachers at D's school have to report August 8 so I'm hoping we will be able to move before then.  But the builders have not yet given us a move in date.  We have been boxing things up and will probably really get down to bare bones in the next few weeks.  We've been doing a few projects like painting furniture and I've sewn several bedskirts, lots of curtains, and some pillows.

Loving these vintage inspired pillows for the bench seat in the dining room...ric rack trim is peachy keen!
These are the curtains for Conleigh's room.
We also heard tonight that we MIGHT have an offer on our current home.  After over 3 years of wanting to sell, that is welcome news.  We have shown the house a lot in the last 3 weeks and had several interested parties so best case scenario would be multiple offers which might help the price stay close to the listing price (or maybe even above it)--a boon since our listing price is a bargain basement price.

On the Zeke front, our dossier was out of translation on June 28th.  That is just one part of receiving your LOA but we were told that it takes about 2 weeks from that point to finish up that step.  If that time frame had been 100% accurate, we would have received our LOA last Thursday.  But we didn't.  So we're still waiting, thinking "any day now".  Once we have our LOA, it's about 3 month to travel so it's starting to look like an October travel date.  But again, no certainty with that.

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I hope your adoption goes quickly!!!