Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nothing is Impossible

When we met with our social worker last week to wrap up our homestudy meetings, she asked us what our kids thought about Zeke's special need.  Then she quickly added, "I guess maybe you haven't told them?"  Her assumption was correct.  We hadn't.  Mostly because we were still waiting to hear "yes" from China and it seemed like an extra detail to add to our simple conversation with them of "We're praying about having a little boy or girl from China come to be in our family."

Tonight at supper, the time seemed perfect.  While they were finishing, we said our Bible verse for the night which was "For with God, nothing is impossible."  I asked them about impossible situations like people flying or turning funny colors like blue or purple.  And then D piped up, telling them that Zeke doesn't really have fingers.  He asked them if it will be impossible for Zeke to throw a ball or ride a bike.  Kenson and Conleigh just couldn't fathom that.  I mean, how would he hold onto things?  Then D asked them if they thought Zeke would be able to hold a cup or bottle.  Again, they were pretty sure he couldn't.  Therein lies the perfect moment because we have some photos of him holding a cup.  It was a perfect tie in to our verse.  People think things seem impossible but God helps us to do the impossible.  He helps people with no hands ride bikes and throw balls and hold cups.

Then Kenson proceeded to finish his supper and start on unloading the dishwasher while trying to use only his thumb and pointer finger, just like Zeke...gotta love that kid!

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Matt's Lazy Housewife said...

You guys are awesome! I love your thoughtfulness with the kids. And I didn't realize you were working on adopting again--congratulations! :D