Thursday, January 26, 2012

More proof I'm a Mom...

*I have a dirty sock hidden behind my tv...and I know it's there but just don't care
*the snow in my front yard has rake tracks in it
*I am very hopeful that I convinced my child that his rash is not appropriate for show and tell on today, especially since it is circular and looks like ringworm (it's not; the professionals have declared it ezcema).  I am about 95% sure he shared his wiggly tooth instead.
*I was the referee in an argument that sounded like this:  Kenson, you're a door uh bull!  I am not!  I'm handsome!  Stop calling me names!

All from last week because what mom has time to actually document her kids' lives as they are actually happening?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

My first thought was, you know you're a mom if you have little boy underwear under the front seat of your minivan. :)

I also referree ridiculous arguments on an almost-daily basis. Fun times, life as a mom!