Friday, December 2, 2011

And the stockings were hung...

Not my actual stockings.  Those bloggy people, who have a lovely post and lovely pictures that they have taken of the actual item being discussed, amaze me.  That requires a lot of planning...and a better camera than what I can muster up.
We drug the Christmas things out from the basement this week, much to the delight of the children.   (I love that the morning after we put the tree up Kenson came down the stairs and was slightly surprised and utterly thrilled that the tree was STILL up.)

Then, when I picked the kids up from school today, I overheard them discussion their plans for afternoon play.

"Wanna play Santa after we rest?"

"Yeah.  Ho, ho, ho!"

And sure enough, after lunch, rest time, and snack, they were ready to play.  Conleigh won the role of Santa and Kenson played the child.   He was sequestered upstairs while Conleigh carefully selected items to place in the stockings.  Then, after many minutes of my itty bitty chocolate girl ho-ho-hoing to herself and much yelling...

"Are you done?"

"Not yet."

"Can I come down?"

"Not yet." was finally time.  And they both proceeded to joyfully reach into their stockings and pull out the gifts Santa had left, all items from our toy room.

Let's just hope the Santa who visits on Christmas Eve is a better gift giver than the one who was here today.  I'm guessing an empty egg carton, a lidless dried onion container, and an assortment of fabric fruits are not what my children are wishing for.

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