Friday, November 11, 2011

Thoughts from a Public Bathroom

Those of you with little ones who require your presence while using a public restroom know that the act of using said public restroom is always about one really loud comment away from embarrassment.  Whether it's a comment related to the size of Mama's hiney, questions about which bathroom function you are performing, exclamations about the smells in the bathroom or an inquiry about the funny noises that are coming from the stranger using the stall next door, you often are left wondering why on earth public restroom bathrooms are not equipped with some form of sound absorption so at the very least, whatever is said does not echo around the entire restroom for all to hear.

Today though was a first.  There were no words about body functions or body parts.  Instead it was my little boy uttering multiple times "I'm Satan."  I.Have.No.Idea.  So don't ask me why.  (I'm going to go with the fact that he was sort of hissing prior to the remarks and was perhaps pretending to be a snake in the Garden of Eden.  Yes, let's just go with that.)

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