Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Dentist, His Gloves, and the Children Who Love Them

Today was dentist day here.  Kenson has been once before but Conleigh has never been.  She went last year and watched which given her warrior type personality when it comes to blood, injuries, and medical professionals, we thought that was best.  (Warrior=fight like the devil.  If there is ever a war, I think I want her on my side.)

No tears, no cavities, let's call it a good day, right?

But a trip to the dentist means goodies like a free ice cream coupon, new pink toothpaste, and new toothbrushes.  And the treasure of all treasures:  a blue latex glove.

They played dentist and doctor with those silly gloves once we got home.  It always makes you chuckle to hear your kids playing together while using the words "Now don't bite my finger!"

Look closely and you can see the illustrious blue glove!
But perhaps the funniest part was when Conleigh came into the kitchen, wearing her glove on her foot, proclaiming "I'm an orangutan!"  (In case you're wondering, just remember that monkeys and the like have hands on their feet, something that is fascinating when you are 4.)  And then she tried to climb my refrigerator by pulling herself up on the door handles...

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Jolene said...

~LOL~ That girl is just so funny!

Our Dentist is great with the children but not as cool as giving them a blue glove! That is just awesome!