Thursday, August 18, 2011

Resting in God

It has been hard to write here.  (If you haven't noticed...)  With all that has gone on this summer, from being gone to starting the summer with D's grandma being sick and then her funeral, to my dad's diagnosis of cancer and subsequent hospital stays, I have just felt drained.  It is one of those things where all of it seems to permeate every part of your life and you are tired emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.  Your kids sense the tone of life and respond accordingly.  And even when you are home, you find yourself just wanting to do nothing, to invest in mindless pursuits.  Like the Internet.  Or tv.  Or rereading Harry Potter 6 and 7 in a span of like 4 days.

I heard this Kari Jobe song awhile back but had kind of forgotten about it until this morning when I sat down to do my quiet time and opted to listen to some Youtube worship videos.  I love the mental picture that it paints of God.  A Father.  A friend.  An intimate lover.

"I wanna sit at your feet, drink the cup from your hand.  Lay back against you and breathe.  Feel your heart beat.  Your love is so deep.  It's more than I can stand.  It's overwhelming."

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