Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Conleigh stories

I noticed Conleigh grabbing herself in the usual potty dance way and asked her if she needed to go potty.  She of course told me no.  5 minutes later, same deal and again she answers no.  2 minutes later, the potty dance continues, I ask again, and she answers no.  This time I ask her what is going on because I'm wondering if she is itching, hurting or if it is indeed a potty issue.  She matter of factly replies "I'm trying to hold my pee in!"  The actual literalness of it just makes me laugh.  Nevermind that somehow she had convinced herself that holding your pee in with your hand is somehow different than needing to go potty.

We rode the escalators tonight for what might have been Conleigh's first time on such a machine.  She was beyond thrilled at the whole adventure and promptly spent the ten minute that followed talking riding the "elligator."

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