Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

My kids are at grandma's for the weekend.  Derek and I have gotten to enjoy a nice respite ie recovery from soccer season.  And today at church, in their absence, I was accutely aware that this Mother's Day, I was not missing a child.  I couldn't help but remember previous years when I was filled to the brim with tears over the absence of a child and hoping that no one at church wished me a Happy Mother's Day because that would probably send me over the edge. 

I suppose it's like any other holiday; it can be a time of joy or a time of sorrow. I'm so thankful that I can celebrate the women in my family who taught me that well behaved women rarely make history.  Yet I am also keenly aware of the way many other moms and children will spend their Mother's Day.  Moms who are moms of the heart but not yet moms in the here and now, moms who are waiting for a child who is half the world away, moms who have lost a child through death or adoption.  And children who are still waiting for someone to say "You will stay with me forever.", who are grown but saddened by a strained relationship with a mom, or who have a deceased mom and are just wishing they could hug their mom one more time.

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