Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I want to...

raid your underwear drawer!

Not really... (although if you're hiding some chocolate in there, I might be game!)

But I am collecting preowned (or new) bras and underwear. Not in a creepy, I might have to call the police sort of way. More in a it's an easy way to help someone else sort of way. Here's the scoop:

My blogworld friend, Dawn, has developed a way to send underwear, shoes, and bras to places like Haiti, where those things can be hard to come by. Her project, The Undy 500, specifically is looking for gently used undergarments.

Summer is a great time for such an event simply because of one factor: garage sales. You may have just had one, or maybe you're getting ready to have one, or maybe you just like bargain hunting. Regardless, you've probably encountered some almost new Little Mermaids in a size 4T or a slightly used bra that just didn't fit quite right so it was abandoned to the bottom of the drawer. Maybe it was your garage sale or someone else's. Maybe you feel a little weird about reselling them or handing them down to your usual source for hand me downs. Maybe you saw them on the garage sale table and thought, "What a waste! Those look like they were never worn." But maybe, instead of throwing it away or walking by it, you give them to me. And I give them to the Undy 500 campaign. And some little old lady in Haiti who is missing all but her front teeth gets your bra and smiles a beautiful toothless smile. Or some cute as a bug 4 year old girlie, with braids and dancing eyes, lights up as she carries a handful of new-to-her Little Mermaid briefs in the front door of her two room house.

Want to be a part of the last maybes? Send me your stuff. Drop it off at my house, catch me at church, or simply ask me for the address of the woman who is collecting items and send it directly to her. It's just like your Mama told you: never underestimate what a good bra (or pair of underwear) can do.

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