Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Real Hope for Haiti

Haiti has many problems including a history of government instability and corruption, an 80% illiteracy rate, and poor government infustructure. Three of the biggest immediate problems most people in Haiti face are lack of basic medical care, lack of education on minor heath issues, and lack of food. Real Hope for Haiti is an organization that tries to address these three needs as well as other needs people have. I've learned a lot about Haiti from the websites of two sisters who are a part of this organization. There is a link to the sister who provides medical care on the side of my blog under "Why Haiti?" Through her site, I've really seen how prevelent malnutrition and lack of medical are are in Haiti as well as how horrific the effects of these two things are. They are currently struggling for funding and several people have dedicated this week as a week to using the Internet to raise awareness of their needs. I'm joining in on this too. Sites to check out include and .
I encourage you to visit the sites I've shared and consider how you might be able to help. The address for donations is Real Hope for Haiti, P.O. Box 23, Elwood, IN 46036. One of the goals of this campaign is to raise more monthly ministry partners ie people who will consistently give on a monthly basis. However, I know they also load semi trailers twice a year with supplies like peanut butter, clothing, and medical supplies. When D's mom passed away, we had a ton of medical type stuff from her months of being at home. (Really odd things like wound care kits and neck braces.) We contacted Lori from the rescue mission and then sent our donations to them to ship on their next semi load which just arrived in Haiti this week. Consider how you might have a source for donations. Or consider being a prayer support for them. Pick one day a week and promise to pray for their ministry on that day. Try it for a month. They are doing amazing kingdom work that you and I can't do.


Kathy said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't think I'm going to get to go on the July trip because I'm still in ibesr.

I have a ton of clothes for the twins that won't even fit them anyway but I was going to take it all for the smaller ones there. And I have a bunch of toys that they played with the two times that I went last summer and I brought home to take back on a future trip.

I had no idea I would be going again for a whole year, and probably actually much longer. This time I'm just going to leave everything. I have three big bins full of stuff for Haiti!

What orphanage is your little girl at?

kayder1996 said...

You win the prize as our first official comment. Unfortunately, lovely accolades are as far as it goes. Conleigh is at Haiti Children's Home in Mirebalais. Long story short, last fall we started thinking about starting another adoption and through a series of events we were in contact with a family that knew about her and that's how we got connected to her. She is 6 months younger than Kenson so we're creating a false set of twins. Hopefully you can share some twin stories with me and vice versa. We're visiting there before we go to FHG. K

Anonymous said...

thanks for helping us tell this story. together we can make a difference.