Sunday, November 27, 2016

Better Late Than Never

Pretty sure I've used that title more than once.  That's life, isn't it?  Halloween pics after the Thanksgiving ones?  Eh, why not?

Our crew was nothing if not eclectic.
Kai was a pilot.  I'm not really sure he knew what he was but the pilot suit was D's or his brother's from when they were little, and this is kind of the last chance for someone to wear it.
Kenson was Captain America.  He made his shield about 85% independently. 
Zeke was a jellyfish.  He actually had lights inside this costume but it was hard to see.
Conleigh was a rock star, mostly because she really wanted to wear make up. Conleigh helped with her microphone but the spray paint kept wanting to blow the paper towel tube over so Mom ended up helping.

We did most of our trick or treating at our local college.
This was outdoor in their nature center, hosted by the education association on campus.

Conleigh did not want a Walmart bag for her candy.
She needed something a little more rock start like.

Local college again...the gym was filled with student athletes.
Each team hosted a station, often one that matched their sport.

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