Friday, May 13, 2016

Egg Drop

One of the units for third grade in our school is an embrology unit.
Each class incubates and hatches chicken eggs.
It also makes for a fun end of school year project, the egg drop.
Each kid gets to design some type of container to house a raw egg.
The container is then dropped from a bucket truck onto the school playground.
There are about a hundred kids in the entire third grade so there were plenty of ideas.
Balloons, a bouncy ball, and lots of really unique packaging...
always interesting to hear which ones land with a thud...

Kenson wanted to use a stuffed animal and a parachute.
He found a monkey in the garage sale pile at Grandma's.
Once we got it home, we found that it's head was already coming off.
Obviously it was meant to be.
So bubble wrapped egg inserted into stuffed monkey plus a parachute.

Conleigh originally wanted a Ziplock bag and cotton balls.
She ended up with a bubble wrapped egg, wrapped and stuffed with poly fill, in a show box, with a parachute.

Checking out the results
It survived!

Conleigh's survived as well.
She looks quite contemplative, don't you think?

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