Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Egg dying with Grandma

D was started out gung ho on making a minion but somehow ended up only drawing the eyes on it.

Kenson will be taking his second year of cake decorating in 4-H.
This year, he's going to work on his piping skills.
So he's practicing on some brownies we made for Easter lunch.

Gotta have an egg hunt.

We may have had more animals present than people.
Okay, maybe not, but if not for my kids, that might have been true.

Getting Easter goodies from Grandma 2

Kai is all about the treats.
He has been so sweetly telling us that he misses us when he doesn't see us.
In fact, he even told the dog that after we got him back from the kennel upon our return home.
But then he kind of ruined it when he pulled out his Easter candy today, cradled the M and M's to his chest and lovingly told the chocolates, "Miss you."

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Sheri Wiebe said...

Very good job on the brownies, Kenson! You look like a pro!