Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Conleigh came home 6 years ago on her third birthday.  I cannot look at any of these pictures with out hearing her raspy little voice and laugh and cry.  I also cannot look at any of these pictures without thinking about how horrible the earthquake was and how crazy those days were.

Such a peanut at the time who had gone through a lot in her little life.  I will always been so proud of her simply because of her story.

First night with us, on the hotel bed, the day we picked her up in Miami.

First snow

First days home with Kenson

First birthday at home

First Easter

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Sheri Wiebe said...

Oh, yes, SUCH memories.....and poor little Conleigh just wasn't too thrilled about everything....And Julie was so sick and weak with the "runs" the first couple days at home. Such stress they went through (and so did you guys and us....)Did I ever tell you that our family went to Haiti for Christmas and to Haiti Children's Home?