Saturday, December 26, 2015

'Tis the Season

What happens when you eat a blue ring pop in the car on the way to Grandma's on Christmas Eve-
you have to brush your teeth and your tongue and your lips before you go to church.

Peace on earth-Kai got a train set for Christmas.
The big kids enjoyed playing with it just as much as he did.
Kai didn't want to go to bed that night and when he woke up the next morning, that was the first thing he wanted to do.

Con looks cranky.  I think the milk straws from our stockings were better than her face indicates.

Zeke wanted Hot Wheels tracks and a marble maze.
He got both.
Boy, oh, boy!  Those were his words regarding the marble maze.

Chilling with Dad

Opening gifts with Grandma 2

A huge 6 foot helium filled shark balloon from Uncle Jared.
(Helium not included.)
Some how I got no pictures of our Christmas Day and Christmas Eve with my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  Always lots of food and lots of laughter.  Rule #1 for our future events might be "Don't put your rear end in a pirate's face." followed closely by Rule #2 "Don't put your rear end in a pyrex dish."  There was a bevy of gifts including a yarn ball and a yard ornament that may have prompted Grandma 2 to make remarks about giving people the bird.  But then again, my mom got a pot clip that also caused Grandma 2 to make remarks about a roach clip.  Good times!

Pretty Princess got left at our house so on Saturday, Conleigh just had to play.
Grandma was the first "victim."

Followed by Dad.

Guess we're going backwards.
From earlier, the decorating the tree pics.
Kenson was so excited to put the angel on the top.
It's a tad crooked but it's perfect.

This year's tree is an interactive one.
D put on the lights and I put on our yo yo garland and our gum wrapper garland and then the kids did the rest.
Most of the ornaments have spent half a day or so in one place, with some kiddo rearranging them by the afternoon.

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