Friday, October 30, 2015

So a shark, a turtle, a spider, and a school girl head out together...

No joke, no tricks, just treats, we hope!

Here are our four trick or treaters, attending our local college's Halloween event.

Kenson wanted to be a ninja turtle.  We used a roaster pan to make a shell which he helped me paint.

Used t-shirt plus jeans and a few fleece scraps

I tried to get him to make a ninja pose but he's too cool for that.

Conleigh originally wanted to be a mermaid.
Then she came home from Awana excited about an upcoming historical figure night, with a plan to be Ruby Bridges.
I asked her if she wanted to do that for Halloween and she was thrilled.
"Ruby Bridges has brown skin and I have brown skin!
Ruby Bridges has brown hair and I have brown hair!
It's perfect!"
We borrowed a school uniform from a friend and I found the polo, satchel, shoes, and cardigan at thrift stores.
I think she was a bit bummed that no one knew who she was supposed to be but that's alright.

Zeke was not a shark.
Audible gasps, I know.
He wanted to be a tarantula.
I found the pants and shirt at a thrift store then added some eyelash yarn to his legs.
He was over the moon that he could move his arms and make the other arms move
thanks to some nylon thread strung through all the arms.

When was the last time you saw a shark on a bike?
Kai borrowed Zeke's old shark costume, made from an old sweatshirt and some fleece.

I think they were making witches' broomsticks from peanut butter cups and pretzels.
Kai loved the project but ate the chocolate and returned the pretzels to the station.

Ghost bowling...way fuzzy but oh well.
There are always several games and activities in the basement of one of the buildings which when you trick or treat the dorm rooms upstairs in the multiple dorms, makes for an easy way to trick or treat.
 Perfect for a night like this Friday proved to be, dripping rain and cold.

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