Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Pics

Nothing says Christmas like a baby in reindeer ears
Best part of going to Grandma's?  Empty ice cream containers that usually hold toys.
They can be drums for a band.
Or drums for a solo act.
And they make awesome hats.
All the big kids got a kids Kurio tablet.
What have they enjoyed the most about their new tablets?
Taking photos, making videos, and recording their voices as stories.
Kai was big enough this year to actually get the hang of opening gifts.
Our resident ocean expert scored quite a few ocean gifts, including this game.

And a giant stuffed manta ray.

And two shark t shirts embellished by Grandma.

Conleigh got not one but three Barbies.

And some crazy glittery cowboy boots.  (But she says they are cowgirl boots, not cowboy.)

Kenson was super excited to open this huge gift.  It was an inflatable kickboxing trainer.  Something he had always/never wanted, but in the moment it was definitely something he always wanted.  =)

My mom was very thoughtful in her book selection for each kid.  Kenson received this book on Haiti, Conleigh received a book about girls and friendship, and Zeke received a book on China.

Kai was of course captivated by the boxes.  

Still enjoying the cardboard.

Playing Headbandz with the cousins.
No Pitch since Travis and Michelle were sick...well mostly since Michelle was sick and she's really a fierce Pitch player.

Yes, that's my cousin squashing my husband.

So many lovely gifts this year including a plastic parakeet to memorialize a dead bird that my aunt once stored in her freezer and some fake boogers.  But none could top the plastic containers of Flarp aka Fart in a Can.  You push your fingers in and it makes a very flatulent sound.  The kids loved it.  As did the grown ups.  In fact, my three spent 30 minutes playing with it in a bedroom on Christmas night.  Which then resulted in fart getting tossed around.  So we had fart on the sheets, fart on the clothes, and fart in someone's hair.  It was slightly funny, a bit annoying, and of course messy.  Thanks, Aunt Sheree!

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Kathy C. said...

Adorable. And so much easier to buy for them when they're young like this.