Thursday, April 24, 2014

Linky Love: 10 Things Adoptive Parents of Medical Needs Kids Want You To Know

We certainly don't consider our family one who is parenting a child with significant medical needs.  Nevertheless, there was a lot to like in this post on No Hands But Ours titled Ten Things Adoptive Parents of Medical Needs Kids Want You To Know.  The pieces that relate to medical needs are so relevant to any family, adoptive or not, who has medical issues invading their lives-a great reminder to me to reach out to those who I know are in the middle of some tough, medical related stuff.   Medical needs aside, so much is applicable of adoptive families too.  Here are a few gems:

"Sometimes people praise us for adopting a child with medical needs, or they praise us for caring for them.  Know that we didn’t say yes to a diagnosis, we said yes to our child. Most parents wake up each day and meet their child’s needs. Please don’t see us, because we are weak, grumpy, and utterly insufficient. See a God who meets needs for His children. See a God whose heart beats for the least of these. Don’t praise our messy selves, praise God for work that is so evidently only Him."

"Often we are told that God doesn’t “give us more than we can handle”, but we are finding the very opposite. This is way more than we can handle. We are far outside the borders of our own capacity, but every morning God meets us where we are, replacing our weakness with His strength, our fear with His hope. Experiencing what it feels like to take steps forward only because of God is the greatest blessing of this journey."

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