Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bedroom Reveal

The last two rooms in the house to be "put together" were the master bathroom and the master bedroom.  I'm still not sure the master bathroom is done as I have a few other things in mind once I can convince the husband to do them for me.  But the bedroom is done.  (And we moved the bassinet into our walk in closet for a variety of reasons so it's finally free of the baby clutter.  Lest you think we have a gigantic walk in closet, the bassinet pretty much fills the whole space.)  We used aqua, red, cream, and black as focus colors. Anyway, thought I'd share a few pics.

When we first got this headboard many years ago, my mom thought it was overkill, I think.
But the footboard had been damaged so we ended up getting the headboard at a reduced price.

Vintage window-not sure if I should say it was free or tell you how much we spent when we replaced the windows in our our previous house since this is one of the leaded windows from there.
It was too far damaged to use as a window so it had to be removed.
The lamp was actually one we had; I just spray painted the base and added a new shade.
The blue candy dish was D's grandma's.  I use it for jewelry.
The table was out of D's grandma's house too.  (Say the magic words-free!)
It had some type of laminate flooring glued onto it so we stripped that off and then I painted it cream with black distressing.

The artwork is Haitian steel drum art that my cousin brought back on her recent trip to Haiti.
The bird lamp I found at Goodwill awhile back.  (Maybe spent $3.)
The nightstand was one I bought at an auction for like $5.
It need refinished and some of the veneer was chipping off so more cream paint with black distressing.

The bedspread is one we've had for several years.
I made the bedskirt.  It's a seersucker type fabric with aqua and flecks of many other colors.

This artwork is actually framed handkerchiefs that were D's grandma's.  I originally bought artwork in square frames at Goodwill with the intention of taking out the artwork and matting the handkerchiefs like a regular picture.  I didn't like how that looked so I instead used an album cover frame from Michael's and used the square frames to frame out that.
Quick hit of black spray paint and they all match.

I made the curtains.  The red side panels were a bargain bin sheer fabric from Hancock Fabrics and were seriously less than $10 for both sets.   The faux shade is just a panel mounted on a tension rod.  We never open our bedroom curtains just because of privacy needs to it seemed silly to spend the time and effort to make them a functioning shade.  They are an aqua and cream damask pattern in cotton.  The light filters in a bit but they keep us from baring all to anyone walking through our backyard.  (Which right now is no one but the friendly woodchuck living under our neighbors garage but at some point, that might change.) 
The drop down desk was another item we got from D's grandma's house.
My last true "fix" for this room would involve the tv cords.  I just need to buy some type of paintable cover for them so I can cover them up with something that matches the wall.

Last summer, right before the baby arrived, D built me these floating shelves.  The silver pieces are all thrift store finds.  The art is Chinese and is an ink painting of the Great Wall of China done with only an artist's fingers and hands (no actual brushes were used).  It's a piece we bought when we were picking up Zeke.

The bench is actually one that goes with our dining room table.   Our harvest table has two benches but we only use one so this one seemed to fit perfect in our bedroom.  The two pillows are actually vintage Ebay finds; I think I got them like ten years ago but love that they still fit with my decor.