Sunday, November 24, 2013

Holiday Shopping with a Purpose

Consider making your money do double duty this holiday season by purchasing items from organizations that provides jobs to families around the world in need of employment or by supporting families who are fundraising to provide a home for a child in need.

Noonday Collection-fun, funky, and colorful jewelry, scarves, bags and more
The Noonday Collection supports over 1, 000 women in business from all over the world.

The Apparent Project-jewelry featuring Haitian metal art and recycled cardboard beads, also sell bags, Haitian metal art wallhangings, ornaments, and journals
The Apparent Project provides employment for Haitian men and women.

Compelled Designs-ceramic jewelry and ornaments
Compelled Designs supports a variety of ministries through the sales of their items.  For the month of November, 75% of the proceeds from sales will be used to support orphans who need heart surgery.

ViBella-Beaded jewelry, purses, and more
ViBella provides employment for women in Haiti, Mexico, and the US.

2nd Story Goods-Jewelry, home goods, and bags
2nd Story Goods provide employment for people in remote Haitian villages.

Trades of Hope-Bath and body products, jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, ornaments, and more
Trades of Hope provides employment for women worldwide and also allows adopting families to fundraise by selling their products.  (If you'd like to shop this site and help an adoptive family, go to Angela's link which will help support the adoption of their fourth daughter from China.)

Supporting families adopting

Little Did I Know blog-adopting Macy, age 3, from Haiti
Currently doing a coffee fundraiser

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