Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some Firsts

This last week was a week full of firsts...

D had his first day back at school since Kai was born.

Kai spent time trying to meet one of his first milestones, holding his head up.  He tries so hard to push off of our chests.

Kenson and Conleigh had their first tastes of fall sports as Conleigh went to volleyball "camp" and Kenson played in his first and second flag football games.

And this yahoo...

had his first day of preschool and his first school bus ride.  He is going to preschool through the school 3 mornings a week and will be getting occupational therapy services as well.  Really the therapy will just be on an as needed basis, when we have a specific skill we are trying to learn or something connected to a specific area of the curriculum.  (ie when he is older and doing PE and we may need to figure out accomodations)  So really he is going to preschool more as a peer model than as a special education student.  He is always full of information each day and remembers lots of things about the day which is fun.  He can always tell me what he played, what he ate, what book they read, etc., much more talkative than the big kids are about their school days.

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