Saturday, August 17, 2013

Why Did We Sign Up For This? Some Linky Love

I fielded a few pregnancy versus adoption related questions this week from the parent of kids that we teach.   (She was not intrusive just had experienced infertility and wanted to know if we had a common experience.)  When people ask some of those questions, even though I've answered them many times over, I still find myself fumbling a bit for words.  Today, I read and loved this section from a blog post at No Hands But Ours:

"The truth is, we don’t sign our names on the bold black line, while our brand new toddler screams bloody murder on our lap, so that we’ll pop back into Life As Usual and feel totally like that child’s mother, cutting the crusts off bread and vacuuming under the rug. If those were our expectations, we would be undone by disappointment when our child doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t feel like our own, and the rug doesn’t get vacuumed until three months after Gotcha Day.

Friends, let us not forget that why we signed up for this. At some level, at some point in time, each of us realized that this life is not about our comfort, or even our happiness…or even, I propose, about us at all. The reason my husband and I adopted our daughter was because, quite simply, we are a family, and she needed one."

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